M I Architects, Inc. Services

The professional services that M I Architects, Inc. provides include assisting our clients with the technical expertise necessary to develop, manage and design the project to meet the targeted budget and project schedule. Our services consist of the following:

Schematic Design

Prepare Schematic Design drawings based on the Owner’s project needs and criteria. The Schematic Design is prepared complying with the local jurisdiction zoning ordinance.

Planning Entitlement

Prepare Planning Entitlement drawings and documents. With a thorough coordination with the planning department, M I Architects, Inc. completes the Planning Entitlement drawings and documents and facilitates the scheduling of the public hearing to approve the project as necessary.

Construction Documents and Permiting

Prepare the Construction Documents and process the necessary permits. The Construction Documents consists of all the drawings specifications and documents necessary to process the building permit and to proceed with the bidding and the construction of the project. The Construction Documents includes the civil, landscape, architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical drawings details and specifications.


Prepare and issue bidding documents to the project bidders. Response to bidders request for information (RFI), issue addendum and provide technical assistance to the client throughout the bidding process until the awarding of the contract.

Construction Administration

Perform Construction Administration and assists the Contractor and the Owner as necessary through the construction phase. Assist the Owner with the project closeout to obtain the occupancy permit of the project.